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Five years after the Unification Wars, a six year long conflict that wreaked havoc and distablized the vast majority of sovereign territory of a powerful interstellar economic nation known as the United Trade Coalition, the day to day life cycle changes for everyone as many are feeling the devastating after effects of war, corruption, as well as economic depression. A quarter of the human population is gone and the rest just struggle to find their ways through the ruins of what was a prospering trade entity. However, the year is now 2749 and there is a new threat that is now beginning to arise among the already shattered Trade Coalition, an extragalactic alien civilization known as the Tamarids who seeks to assert themselves in a ruthless effort to form their new empire within the Milky Way Galaxy. To resist the might of the new emerging alien empire the Trade Coalition must end their political disputes to save whatever they and their ancestors have built for the last couple centuries.

The Phase series comprises a mix of futuristic and modern references using both real life locations as well as fictional locations and situations. It also includes war, love, lust, and political corruption.

There are also many point of view (POV) characters that depict the saga from their own perspective and experience as well as other secondary characters that play equal parts with their POV counterparts.

Please join me as I give a very detailed summary that chronicles the events that take place in this massive saga.

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